Friday, November 11, 2011

Tom Browning on Vote Yes on 110

Vote Yes on Proposition 110 to protect our Arizona military installations. This is a great message from my friend and former boss, Brigadier General Tom Browning, USAF (Retired). Tom is a Veteran and former POW, as well as the former commander of Luke Air Force Base, and the retired CEO of Greater Phoenix Leadership.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Follow Your Own Path

For me the quote on the left has a very deep meaning. What if the course you are on isn't one you decided upon, but instead a path that was set for you? Maybe you don't even know? 

What if your dreams got lost in the shuffle? may have spent your entire adult life following a course of action that leads to a goal that isn't even yours, or what you really want.

Take a moment to examine the path you are on and consider the following:

  • Are you following your dreams? ...or perhaps someone else's?
  • Does the course you have taken lead to a goal that is achievable?
  • Is it your goal? ...or could you be following a path that someone else has set for you? (maybe a parent, friend, or mentor?)

Sometimes we find ourselves following a path that was developed out of some misguided idea or perception of what we are supposed to "be" or "achieve"; often without our full awareness or consent.

It may be helpful to consider what achieving the goal may bring you; and maybe more importantly, what it will cost?

Is the goal worth what you might be giving up to achieve it? (family, love, happiness -- versus -- money, career, achievement)

And finally, is the goal or final result really what you want?  If not, it might be time to re-evaluate.