Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little things to do every day - just keeping it fun!

Have you you added your social media profiles to your email signature?  Do you use it when you comment on blogs?  Have you added video to your website?  ...your Facebook?  ...your blog?  Do you upload and share your latest presentations?  Did you remember to tweet about them?  There are tons of little things you can do every day to enhance your presence in the social web.  Developing routines can help make the day-to-day challenges of keeping up in the social web a little easier, while leaving you more time to just have fun making connections and keeping them.

A tool I really love that helps keep me organized is XeeSM. It allows me to keep all of my Social Media profiles stored in one easily accessible place.  I just use my personal XeeSM url to direct my connections to a single place to find me. It is an amazing time-saver!

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Barbara A. Daniels