Monday, October 1, 2012

Magic Quadrant for Social CRM - Gartner Report Raises The Bar

Social Customer Relationship Management CRM photo collageGartner, Inc. recently released their 2012 Magic Quadrant for Social CRM report. The report analyzes many leading Social CRM providers, evaluates strengths and weaknesses of each, gives a comprehensive overview of how Social CRM works, and details what users should expect from social applications. It's a very interesting read for those using Social CRM as a business strategy, practitioners or consultants who use social monitoring in their product offering, as well as a guide for evalutating social monitoring vendors and their respective ability to provide a comprehensive solution.

This year, Gartner, Inc. raised the bar for inclusion, meaning vendors that focus solely on social media monitoring, ideation or social intelligence have been excluded.

Figure 1. Magic Quadrant for Social CRM                       

Figure 1. Magic Quadrant for Social CRM
Source: Gartner (September 2012)

Here's the breakdown of "Who's In" and "Who's Out" for 2012 in the world of Social CRM:

In this year's report, Gartner adds:

Vendors from 2011 included in the 2012 report:

Dropping from the 2012 lineup (previously included vendors who did not meet Gartner's 2012 minimum requirements for inclusion):

Inclusion criteria was evaluated based on many factors, including a vendor's ability to execute its product/service, market responsiveness, completeness of vision as it relates to marketing strategy, etc.

Read more about Social CRM and the Gartner, Inc. 2012 report at:

Gartner, Inc.'s 2012 Magic Quadrant for Social CRM Report


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